Post date: 9/18/2014 1:55 pm

The new steel beams have been set and the existing concrete deck was removed for the East bridge over the Fox River.  The new steel beams are located on the widened concrete piers and abutments.  The new steel beams will support the new concrete bridge deck, which will be wider than the existing deck.  Following the placement of the new beams, the Contractor removed the existing concrete bridge deck.  Now that the bridge deck is removed, D Construction can work on jacking up the existing beams at the abutment and pier locations.  The beam jacking is necessary so that the existing beam supp

Post date: 9/3/2014 7:45 am

D Construction has completed constructing portions of the widened concrete abutments for the East bridge over the Fox River that will support the new steel fascia beams.  The new fascia beams will serve as support for a wider bridge deck.  The beams have been fabricated and delivered to the job site.  At this time, the primary tasks that the Contractor will be focusing on for the bridge improvements process will be setting the new beams, removing the entire bridge deck and then rehabilitating the existing beams.   

Post date: 8/15/2014 1:45 pm

D Construction completed the pier widening work, started removing cofferdams and is in the process of widening the concrete abutments for the east bridge over the Fox River.  The Contractor completed driving H-Piling for the abutment widening.  The H-Pile are an important part of the abutments, as they provide foundation support for the concrete abutment structure.  The widening of the abutments will support the new outside beams, widened replacement bridge deck and widened roadway pavement.

Post date: 8/5/2014 10:31 am

The Contractor is currently widening the concrete bridge piers for the east bridge over the Fox River to accommodate new steel beams.  The widening of the piers and new beams are necessary to support the replacement bridge deck, integral sidewalk and parapet walls.  The Contractor is working diligently towards completing the widening aspects of the bridge construction to allow for the bridge deck replacement.

Post date: 7/22/2014 7:21 am

The river conditions have allowed D Construction to proceed with cofferdam work that will allow for the substructure (pier) widening.  The substructure widening is an important component of the brigde reconstruction work, as it is the first step in the bridge widening process.  The Contractor is moving full steam ahead on the project!!