Post date: 5/26/2015 2:41 pm

D Construction has sucessfully widening all 6 concrete piers serving the west bridge over the Fox River.  The contactor is now focusing on setting the new steel beams that will support the wider replacement bridge deck.  Upon completing the beam installation, the existing bridge deck will be entirely removed, which will allow for rehabilitation of the existing steel beams to remain.  In addition to the west bridge work, D Construction's subcontractor, Crown Painting, has substantially completed cleaning and painting the steel beams for the east bridge.  The project remains on schedule.

Post date: 5/1/2015 8:25 am

D Construction is moving forward with the substructure (pier) and abutment widening work for the west bridge over the Fox River.  The Contractor is in the process of widening 3 of the 6 piers located west and outside of the river.  The extended footings have been completed and framework along with reinforcement steel is currenlty being installed for the widened piers.  The widened abutment footings have also been completed.  Upon completing the pier and abutment work, D Construction can focus on setting the new steel beams to accomodate the replacement bridge deck.  In addition to the ongo

Post date: 4/13/2015 12:03 pm

D Construction completed cofferdam and substructure/pier widening work within the Fox River's west channel.  The west bridge contains a total of 6 piers, 3 of which reside within the river.  The Contractor has worked diligently to complete this pier widening work and beat the Spring rains, which can make work within the river very challenging.  D Construction is now focusing on widening the remaining 3 piers for the west bridge that reside outside of the river.  Upon completion of the pier widening, the Contractor will be able to concentrate on removing portions of the existing bridge deck

Post date: 3/20/2015 12:27 pm

D Construction has completed cofferdams and started the concrete substructure (pier) widening for 2 out of the 3 piers located within the west branch of the Fox River.  Upon completion of the cofferdam work, the Contractor performs concrete removal operations on the existing footings and piers to accomodate the first step of the bridge widening process.  Following the concrete removal is the extension / widening of the pier footings and pier walls.  The Contractor has prepared and poured the extended footings and has started the framework serving the aforementioned piers located within the

Post date: 3/3/2015 4:11 pm

The Indian Trail Bridges over the Fox River are now closed for continuation of the bridge reconstruction improvements.  The bridges are scheduled to be re-opened in October of 2015.  Traffic is advised to use Sullivan Rd. or Illinois Ave. as alternative routes.  Gregory Island Park will also be closed to the Public during the duration of the closure.  Thank you for your patience!